Organizations are constantly competing to acquire and retain top talent. More critically, organizations need to take existing personnel and move them to the next level required to sustain the organization or make it thrive for the future. Unfortunately, due to the challenging environment that many of us operate it, management does not always have the time to spend needed with teams and/or the individuals on those teams to make all of these things happen. 

Talent Management is a service provided that pushes both the strategic and operational growth of employees to the consultant. It is a collaborative effort with the management leader. The ways this is achieved is through monthly meetings on SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely). These goals will tie into the Balanced Scorecard approach from the Business Strategy offering (talent development, internal processes, customer service, financial stewardship). 

Talent Management Packages

All coaching packages include the following: 

  • Complimentary information session, 30 minutes
  • 60 minute sessions, guiding clients in a solution-based manner
  • Usage of exclusive It’s Your Choice Model
  • Unlimited e-mail support for laser coaching needs
  • Available in person (Metro Phoenix area) or via conference call Skype (throughout the US)
  • 24 hour notice required to cancel a session
  • Options for organizations to purchase blocks of time 

Block of 12 or 24 sessions; A monthly hours at a flat fee for the organization is an option for this service.