Strategy Coaching is initiated by a business owner and/or an entrepreneur seeking to grow their business into new territory. The growth may require a focus on various areas including: 

  • Revenue growth via addition of clients, change in client base, new service or product offerings etc.
  • Movement of internal business process to support changes
  • Supplement or modify team members for new needs
  • Review of customer service standards and focus

This coaching allows for a business owner to have a trusted advisor to work with and support the decision making process. Having a consultant to discuss and evaluate these matters with can not only lower stress, but improve those decisions made. 

Part of this process is evaluating all 9 Life Areas as covered in Executive Coaching to ensure all changes either positively impact other non-work areas or have no impact. This may require inclusion of the significant other prior to finalizing large decisions. This is truly a team effort!

Strategy Coaching Packages

All coaching packages include the following: 

  • Complimentary information session, 30 minutes
  • 60 minute sessions, guiding clients in a solution-based manner
  • Usage of exclusive It’s Your Choice Model
  • Unlimited e-mail support for laser coaching needs
  • Available in person (Metro Phoenix area) or via conference call Skype (throughout the US)
  • 24 hour notice required to cancel a session
  • Options for organizations to purchase blocks of time 

Block of 12 or 24 sessions

*Packages can be customized for professionals or students at a negotiated rate.