Carli Ann McClure, CPA                                                                                                                                                                                  4 Seasons of Change
Professional Strategy Coach & Consultant


Carli is a Professional Coach & Consultant who concentrates on guiding Executives, Professionals, and Students, as well as organizations through strategic transitions to their desired state. Consulting and coaching services are provided to individuals or groups via the individuals, organizations or educational institutions. Her passion for the human factor and servant leadership are embodied with deep work experience and impressive educational credentials; she takes a holistic and strategic view with all her clients that is not only valued but appreciated.  

As a client, you will find that Carli has an innovative, collaborative, solution-focused business style. Carli values: nourishing thoughtful conversations, leading to lasting results, creating a comfortable environment of transparency, ensuring a trusting, confidential dialogue that respects and supports client choices, and guiding clients through a process towards self and organizational actualization.  

Her style comes through in all client interactions as she provides support and practical feedback to help effectively address opportunities. Carli also integrates proven techniques and helpful assignments to clients. With compassion and understanding, Carli builds on strengths to attain the growth clients are committed to achieving. Below are the programs that 4 Seasons of Change focuses on:  

Within the arena of change management, Carli uses a proprietary process called the It’s Your CHOICE Model to plan, prioritize, implement and celebrate strategic change initiatives. The model is flexible enough to handle changes within a small department all the way to large, global shifts.  

Within her coaching function, Carli has two primary areas that she coaches, which include: business coaching and executive coaching.  

Business coaching may assist clients into their own new business venture, a buy or build, assisting with business development from a revenue and networking perspective, or providing organizational goals that trickle through departments and to the individual via the Harvard Business School’s Balanced Scorecard Approach.   

Executive coaching guides individuals at various stages within their career. The offerings provided include: Solution-Based Coaching (i.e. issue specific), 9 Life Areas (i.e. holistic solution where personal and professional life integration is addressed), and The BLooM Project (i.e. a proprietary leadership program).   

A Change Enrichment Series is available to introduce or compliment the change management and coaching. Those topics reside around Change Management, Organizational Leadership and Personal Leadership.   

The programs that Carli offers can all be used individually or bundled together to maximize the experience, development outcome, and last results.  

As a complimentary service, Carli leverages social media to give public access on her various programs. She has a monthly blog, “Thyme for Change”, as well as periodic postings on change, leadership and business topics plus personalized information with inspirational overtones via Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.   


Carli has extensive work experience in public accounting as a Certified Public Accountant. During the course of her career, she found her true calling, change and transitions, or the movement of professionals and their organizations towards a preferred state.   

Carli currently works with corporations, universities and non-profit organizations to infuse strategic changes. Some changes include: leadership development, balanced scorecard strategies, marketing and branding, succession planning and execution, executive board development, and quality management process improvements. In addition, Carli coaches leaders and their people either within the organization or outside of it to ensure continued professional growth that result in high performance. The focus of those clients include: purchase of a business, increasing revenue via sales to new and existing customer bases, new career selection and transition, management of work/life balance, and transitioning through traumatic personal events that impact work performance.  

The clients that Carli has served from a business or individual perspective are from the following industries: Education, Entertainment, Financial Services, Hospitality, Health & Wellness, Mining, Non-Profit, Public Accounting, Publishing, Real Estate, Retail, and Technology.  

Carli’s global, change experience includes organizational transformations on domestic and international change programs, leading the design and implementation of the initiatives, through a standardized process which includes a metrics driven approach. Carli runs all programs from a solution perspective, by leading the communication strategy, the learning programs and the rewards plan (i.e. results and accountability). This work requires Carli to instill a deep understanding of change and transition principles with sponsors, change agents and targets, or quite simply, all those impacted by the change. Programs she has led have been the most successful changes since company inception. 

Community Involvement and Memberships  

Carli values making contributions back to her community through personal time and financial giving. Carli is a member of the Arizona Society of Certified Public Accountants, Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Valley Young Professionals, National Association of Women Business Owners, National Association of Small Businesses and Young Women's Forum Committee. Carli has also served as an Auxiliary Board Member and Officer for Phoenix Fresh Start Women's Foundation, as well as teaches empowerment programs at the foundation to directly give back to the women. Her commitment to the community is backed by providing a minimum percentage of all earnings to the Arizona Epilepsy Foundation, Cornerstone Chandler, Grand Canyon University, Feed My Starving Children, Fresh Start Women’s Foundation, Harvest India, Northern Arizona University Franke College of Business, and Phoenix Sun’s Charities.   

In addition, Carli has spent substantial time during her career leading recruiting efforts at Northern Arizona University. These activities include working with student candidates through career and information events, interview preparation including mock interviews and resume reviews, holding interview opportunities, making formal offers, and on-boarding into respective firms. Carli also presents to students on an annual basis on life transition topics in preparation for the workforce. Carli is well liked and respected by the professors and students. She spends significant time guiding them towards a career area that makes sense for them as an individual.  As an alumnus of Grand Canyon University, Carli is beginning to teach her Change Enrichment Series programs for accounting undergraduate students. This volunteer work is the start of a long-term commitment to that school as well.   

Education and Publications  

Carli has a well-rounded background from an educational perspective, with expertise in various business and relationship areas. Carli believes development, growth, and excellence are essential for her and her clients, through a commitment to lifetime learning.   

Grand Canyon University, PhD in Performance Psychology, December 2015  

Arts and Science of Coaching Certification, December 2012  

Grand Canyon University, Masters of Science in Leadership, November 2012  

Professional Publication, AZ CPA Magazine, July/August 2010, Article: “Putting Passion into the Process”   

Managed Change Certification – Levels I and II, 2009   

Certified Public Accountant, State of Arizona, 2004  

Northern Arizona University, Bachelors of Science in Accountancy, Spring 1999


All photography provided by Jared Chambers